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Commercial Law Practices
With China’s rapid economic development, Jia Hua has made constantly endeavor to expand and update its service scope, dedicated to ensure clients professional, efficient and diversified commercial legal service, and committed itself to helping clients to achieve a sound development over the long run.
Jiahua’s practices area involves all areas of litigation and non-litigation in the legal service market, our professional service gives consideration of to both economical efficiency and timeliness while pursuing prevention and managing the legal risks, and pays more attention to the detailed process during case handling and the cost-effective results of the cases, through work division and cooperation of professional teams and accumulation of representation experience in special cases, Jiahua has achieved many highly professional classic legal service cases in field of social legal service.
Corporate & Commercial
● Long-term Legal Counsel
● Establishment & Change, Dissolution & Liquidation
● Mergers & Acquisitions
● Bankruptcy & Restructuring
● State-owned Enterprise Reform
● Labor & Employment
● Tax
● Application for various administrative licenses
Real Estate & Construction
● Legally Structuring the Development of Projects
● Grant or Transfer of Land Use Right
● Expropriation of Land & Compensation of Relocation
● Bidding of Construction Projects
● Construction Project Contracting
● the Transfer of the project
● Pre-sales, Sales and Leases of Real Estate
● Mortgage
● Real Estate Management
International Investment & Trade
● Establishment, Change and Cancellation of EJV, CJV, WOFE, Foreign Invested Partnership Enterprises and Representative Office of Foreign Enterprises
● Cross-Border Acquisitions and Mergers
● Venture Capital
● Overseas Investment & Operation
● International Trade (Including Goods, Processing, and Services)
● International Transportation and Insurance
● Investigation of Anti-Dumping, Countervailing, and Safeguard Measures
Finance and Securities
● The Issue and Repurchase of Securities (Including Common Stock, Ordinary Corporate Bonds, Convertible Bonds, etc.)
● Internal or External parties to an IPO on Domestic/Foreign Market
● Establishment and Issue of Fund
● Asset (including real estate) Securitization
● Project Financing
● Financial Leasing
● Investment Trust
● Inter-Bank Transactions
● Syndicated Loans
● Notes and Letters of Credit
● Distressed Debt
● Trust Loan
● Insurance
Intellectual Property(IP)
● Structuring the Protection System of IP
● Application & Registration of IP
● Investigation & Remedies of Infringement
● Applying for Opposition, Invalidity, Revoke against Registered IP
● Customs Protection
● Trade Secret Protection
● To Draft & Check Company Regulations about On-Duty Inventions and Works
● Transfer & License

Electronic Information & High Technology
● E-Commerce
● Registration, Protection and Dispute Resolution of Domain Name
● High-Tech Enterprise Certification
● Transfer and License of High-Tech and Product
Environment and Energy
● Energy (Including Hydropower, Thermal Power, Wind Power, Solar Energy and Other New Energy) Project Investment, Financing, Construction and BOT.
● Mining rights
● Environmental Protection Projects – Including the Treatment of Wastewater, Waste gas, Waste disposal etc.
● Industry Energy Conservation Planning and Application for Subsidies
Culture & Media
● Printing, Publishing & Issue
● Film, Television & Radio
● Audio and video
● Performance
● Art Market
● Network Culture Market
● Sports and Entertainmen>

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